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Jasmine Kaur

Hey, I'm Jasmine✨

I am a multidisciplinary researcher and designer, passionate about digital products and experimenting with world-building for inspired experiences in media. I understand people, the interface, and the backend—the entire spectrum.

I did my Bachelor's in Computer Science and Design from IIIT Delhi and am currently pursuing my Master's at Georgia Tech. My experience has helped me build a nuanced understanding of user experience, to solve industrial and academic problems.

I am currently building a Co-Creative AI, LuminAI at the Expressive Machinery Lab.

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Design, Research and Entrepreneurship

Select Projects


Think about ChatGPT, but for dance! LuminAI is a co-creative AI tool that reads a contemporary improv dancer's movements and responds with similar, transformed movements of its own. 

Role: User Researcher and Designer

LuminAI Flyer.jpg


A solution to give people into fitness, something to be proud of, something they could use as a token of their hard work. Fitzura was a social status symbol coupled with elements of gamification, with an algorithm that took users' physical activity (running) and assigned them a score based on their activity statistics. The scores add up to unlock four levels: Athlete, Advanced, Professional and Legendary. Each level is associated with a unique visual identity, reflected in the apparel that users would be able to access and buy after crossing the threshold. With every increasing level, the design added value, and worth increased. Our users got to show off their consistent efforts and capabilities in their social circles through their apparel.

Role: Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer

Fitzura Apparel


In this project, I investigated urban Indian youths’ perspectives concerning Mental Health technology and studied the usability of currently available Mental Health applications. I understood user requirements and created a prototype mobile interface.

Role: User Researcher and Designer

Felicity Prototype
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